What is the best theatre ever?

It’s a question we ask all our community groups over at the Plugged In Theatre Project. Some respond very imaginatively and others very objectively and constructively. But in each of their answers, however off the wall it may be, there is something that can be taken on board by our current venues.

For example, someone came up with the idea of underground parking for King Georges Hall. Of course this is something that will probably never happen – given the area and foundations, but it does highlight how little parking there is in direct sight of the venue. Perhaps better signposting on event night may help? Maybe people would also like to approach via stairs and strip lighting as so many of the countries most loved underground car parks have. I don’t know for certain because we had to finish this workshop slightly early, so I couldn’t ask.

It’s quite cool to think about what the theatre of the future may look like as well. Maybe we’ll all have buildings like the Sydney opera house on our doorstep?! I doubt it though – they are too big and it wouldn’t be special if they were everywhere. Instead we might expect a robot front desk person, like this recent happy go lucky gal from Tokyo – http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/watch-toshiba-installs-humanoid-robot-japanese-store-article-1.2188220

Would you like that though? How about an android showing you to your seat? If it were Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation or C3PO from Star Wars: The Film then maybe I’d like it. What about the human cost though? It’s something the whole world will have to face up to soon. Eventually mechanisation will take away many of the jobs capitalism likes. It’s at this point I’d like to introduce you to Communism. It’s a great idea that works well assuming people aren’t greedy. But as most people will now be robots, and robots can be programmed not to be greedy, then as far as I can see it’s full steam ahead. Let’s Party!

Note bonus Noel Edmonds at the start!