We manage and deliver a range of projects related to arts and culture. Our core projects are:

ALNPO Research

We were invited by the Artist Led NPO group to undertake some research leading to ways that the group can advocate for themselves as a distinct part of the arts ecosystem. This project was funded by Central School of Speech and Drama and is due for completion in July ‘21


At Home Magazine

Recognising the limitations of presenting Arts and Culture in times of COVID we published Spot On At Home in partnership with Lancashire Libraries, Hopeful & Glorious and the NRTF. A newspaper with articles and arts activities to do at home. Named one of the top ten newspapers of the year by Newspaper Club and featured as an example of good practice by the Audience Agency, a second edition is due for distribution in July 2021.


Burnley Literary Festival

In October 2019 Culturapedia managed and curated the fourth Burnley Literary Festival. We worked closely with Burnley Borough Council and Burnley Library to bring a whole host of literary activities to the town over a fun filled weekend. Watch our video which sums up the weekend: https://vimeo.com/375089764

We’re currently working on a new project with Burnley BID for 2021-2022.



Burnley Mechanics – Front Room Project

Working with a team of volunteers from the local community we programme professional arts performances with Burnley Mechanics in their Front Room space.


Digital Commissioning

Working with a group of young librarians and apprentices within Lancashire Library Service we commissioned two new pieces of digital art for Lancashire. The brief emphasised work which was tourable for Spot On performance venues to host, and which highlighted Lancashire grown artistic talent and lived experience. 

Two artists were commissioned; Matt Wilkinson’s ‘Hit The North’ toured in 2019, and Elliott Flanagan’s ‘Monument’ had a digital tour in 2020. Both pieces are available to view via the Spot On website



HANDS project – mentoring artists in rural touring

Culturapedia supports the next generation of artists. Through our Spot On Lancashire service we have worked in collaboration with our northern touring partners to mentor emerging companies who are passionate about taking their shows to rural communities. Over the next 18 months we will support 8 companies to explore, experiment and present new shows which work in rural contexts across the north.

Library Commissioning

Libraries are great local and democratic venues but are not ideal for some work that is designed to tour to theatres. As part of our ambition to broaden the scope of work available to people in Lancashire, wherever they are, our commissioning programme involves new work specifically for library spaces. Over the past eighteen months we have been working with Ruth Cockburn to develop a new show called ‘Miss Nobodies’, it will launch its initial tour in Autumn 2021.


Spot On Lancashire: Rural & Library Touring

Spot On Lancashire: Rural & Library Touring, collaborates with professional touring artists, volunteers and other partners to ensure that isolated rural communities and libraries in Lancashire can enjoy outstanding arts events on their doorstep. We deliver two seasons of touring work per year, and collaborate with other schemes nationally on commissioning projects, supporting new artists and delivery of performances from international artists.

The network is managed by Culturapedia and funded by the Arts Council as a joint NPO with Cheshire Rural Touring Arts (called the Cheshire Lancashire Touring Partnership).

To view the current programme of events, including our outdoor, online and at home offers visit the Spot On website


Spot On Outdoor Commissions

Working with the Friends of Fairhaven Lake, Fylde Borough Council, Burnley Mechanics Promoters Group and Burnley Borough Council, we successfully commissioned two companies to create two outdoor performances (originally planned for summer 2020, now rescheduled to summer/autumn 2021). 

Eye of Newt Theatre created the Cabinet of Curiosity which tours from July 2021, and Frolicked Puppet Theatre created Conference of the Birds which tours from September 2021. For more information on our commissions visit the Spot On website


The Corona Rollercoaster Publication

Culturapedia and Erasmus University Rotterdam chronicle the experience of entrepreneurs, policymakers and creators working in the cultural sector during the pandemic in a new book ‘The Corona Rollercoaster’. This free e-book documents the response of the cultural sector to the pandemic in real-time, creating an invaluable resource to inspire and inform cultural organisations.



In March 2020, the world climbed aboard the COVID-19 rollercoaster, not knowing how long the ride would last. A group of cultural economists from Erasmus University Rotterdam foresaw ups and downs, winners and losers and a lot of creative problem-solving. They saw an opportunity to collect and share stories that chronicle the experiences of professionals working in Arts and Culture. In the years to come, there will be plenty written, in hindsight, on how the pandemic changed the way that we do things or accelerated changes that were already underway. The chronicles offer an immediate record of entrepreneurial responses, issues, challenges and ideas as they were happening. They have been a modest remedy to cope with the uncertainty and early feelings of loneliness and discomfort. The pool of authors came from Arts and Culture Studies students, alumni and staff members from the Erasmus University School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC). Its international courses mean that the call out received responses from across the world, offering an insight into different institutional and government responses and personal challenges.

The chronicles collected in the e-book reveal the range of national response and impact and the differences in how the arts and cultural sectors responded, thrived, and tried their best to survive. Who was left stranded? Who adapted? Why and how? What have been the temporary tactics to alleviate the consequences of the restrictions, and which new ways of organising production, distribution and participation will be there to stay? How will we know it is over? Throughout five chapters, the book addresses these questions and topics, including Audiences and distribution, Event management, Organizations, Artists and entrepreneurs, Cultural policy. 


The free online publication contains a wide range of responses, including interviews with artists and creative entrepreneurs; oversight articles observing a specific sector or government policy; notes from the field that demonstrate the act of creative problem-solving in real-time; plus opinion pieces. It is not a peer-reviewed journal. It is a series of edited articles from diverse players across a hard-hit sector. Collectively they reflect the ups, downs and sheer momentum that cultural organisations all experienced on the Corona Rollercoaster. 

As things gradually start to open up once more, it is an excellent time to publish this collection of bright, creative and enterprising ideas and experiences as an e-book. This publication will also inform historians of the crisis and identifies how the creative sector responds to turbulent times.

Click to download the book