We work creatively with people to give ideas legs.

We believe that everyone should have a fair share of cultural investment and services because we know that people have better lives through ready access and engaging in culture relevant to them. We do this by engaging people in community-focused curation, commissioning, and participation at home, online, or through shared experiences in welcoming, local, and accessible places.

We have developed a Lancashire Cultural model by working for and with the people who live here. The effects are felt:


Where we make things happen, develop audiences, appetite, opportunities and artists in Lancashire and the North West. We listen to the people who live here, and in keeping with the county’s industrial heritage, it’s where we create, test, evaluate and produce.

Men dressed as chefs playing instruments at the entrance to Bacup Market
The Ski Band - Bacup Inspires October 2021
Jo Fong and George Orange — Rest of Our Lives


We share learnings with our partners across the UK and prove another, better way to work. We advocate for cultural equality and a fair and equitable spread of funding. We speak at conferences, create case studies, and mentor other cultural organisations.


We are connected beyond the UK. We, tour artists, seek out partnerships and communicate and share ideas. It is a two-way street, and we import and export learnings, artists and ideas.

Our Values

We value working in equal partnership with partners, communities and artists. We strive to work with purpose, fairness and artistic integrity.

Co-creation & Collaboration – We value working equally with partners, communities and artists to create the most impact.

People – The people involved drive our work, not the art or the end product, and community-focused curation and participation is our aim.

Experimentation – We believe in testing new ideas and methods, and we see there can be just as much value in an idea failing as there is succeeding. We have a robust methodology for planning and evaluating our projects.

Cultural Equality – We work to ensure that everyone in Lancashire has access to a high-quality cultural offering