We are proud of our environmental impact to date but acutely aware that we can always do more. By programming professional arts activities in rural venues, libraries, small urban venues, and local events, we take the artists (usually a small number of people) directly to the audience (hopefully a large number of people). Spot On Lancashire has been doing this for over twenty-five years. 

Trees in Gisburn Forest
Two dancers stare at an upturned bicycle
The Old Green Time Machine, Coalesce Dance Theatre - Darwen April 2022

We remain sceptical of the value of offsetting – just like the practice of sin-eating was a bit dubious in the past, but there does remain value for the planet in planting more trees.

To this end, we have committed to growing the Culturapedia forest by planting a tree for every event or activity that we host or promote through our friends at Tree-Nation.com.

You can view our Culturapedia forest here.

In the spirit of full disclosure, we produced a paper on our environmental position, which you can find on the resources page of this website. Here we state our current policies related to various environmental issues and publish a quarterly update on our mileage and use of paper, gas and electricity.

Paper flowers forming a wall mural
Paper Mural - Darwen Market Easter 2022
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